AET Provides complete aerial and underground fiber optic services including new fiber path splicing, damage repair, section throws, end to end testing, emergency restoration and OSP Audits

AET Fiber Division provides turn key solutions for all of your fiber needs. The Fiber division currently provides splicing, termination, testing, repair and more. The skilled technicians in the fiber division are outfitted for aerial or underground work including transmission right of way services. Our 4×4 aerial boom equipped fiber labs allow for access to splice and troubleshoot repairs that require heavier duty equipment for rougher and hard to access terrain. In addition to our fiber splicing services, AET also provides end to end testing, OSP audits, Fiber Path ride outs, project planning, troubleshooting and investigation services. With AET’s experience in the T&D substation and power generation market, the fiber division augments our existing workforce to offer our new and current customer base a full service provider for SCADA and protection systems requiring fiber optic services.

When your network requires the highest quality, reliability and maintenance – AET is ready for action.

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